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Animation during page transition

Hi Folks ,

Since days I am trying to replicate something which I saw on another page .

I am aware this has been done via another JS framework , but exploring to make same user experience with native webflow.

Tagging some design gurus for advice :wink: @Waldo @PixelGeek

Any help appreciated.

I believe this is exactly what you’re looking for:

This tutorial obviously is a lot simpler than the example you showed but I’m pretty sure the same goal can be achieved with Barba.js.

I was thinking the same but there is a slight difference and detail on the page which I provided as example …

e.g: check out picture …how it transforms ( scales and moves to new position ) while page content is changing.
in @mistercreate 's example just page content changing .

I’m pretty sure you can achieve the same effect with Barba though, take a look at some examples: