Newbie: Modal pop-up "uncontained" (published vs designer preview)

Hello, Webflow community:

I am pretty new at this and have been trying my best to overcome the learning curve here. I don’t use this often, so the intermittent/inconsistent use probably doesn’t help my progress, haha. But I’m struggling on a few things:

((It’s still being completed, so some things are still in progress.))

On the designer, my pop up modals appear whole and viewable, however upon publishing, all my pop up modals appear disjointed and uncontained. I also can’t swipe down on mobile-landscape, but mobile portrait works. Maybe I have set a viewing height unintentionally and just can’t find it. I have attempted to design at every break point/device sizing.

I am completely baffled. Anybody out there willing to help? Thanks.

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