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Google Maps API ot working

Hello community,

I am struggling with the google maps implementation… Generated an API and everything seems to be done correctly, but it isn’t working. The error message means in english that google maps isn#t be loaded correctly. Get technical details from the java script console.

The site is also registered in the google search console.

Any ideas what’s going wrong before I get crazy with this stuff?
Many thanks in advance!

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I am having the same issue. Until yesterday, everything went fine but today, the map is shown a message about JS.

PS. They tried to ask my credit card at the first time, so, I created everything using the Console.

I’m trying this solution above (not idea if is gonna work)

tried this… not working.

Ok, solved it. You have to activate your accounting. ->

Now it is working…

Hi guys, sorry the late response. Looks like the Google is demanding to add Credit Card number to each account. So, after add, will fix. I did that and since there is no much email traffic, they don’t charge. But be careful because depending on the project, they can charge you.

Also make sure to setup domain restrictions so that others can’t steal/use your api key. You can also set quotas to prevent yourself from going over limits.

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