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New UNICEF Website built on webflow

Hi Folks

Here is the new unicef nz website, built on webflow. Would really appreciate feedback and please feel free to report any bugs.

Thanks to the webflow team for creating such an awesome tool!

UNICEF New Zealand


That is great! Long time UNICEF supporter here. Kudos for your involvement.

Can I suggest ideal sizing/spacing for the header text elements?



Tip: when you have a header text with subtext underneath or above, it’s usually effective to divide the font-size by 2 (50px/25px). And when you have a title, subtext and a button, it’s also usually effective to try to keep the same space between the three items.
Tip2: italics add another level of complexity. It shouldn’t be used as a refinement. Here you’re using a serif font as a refinement, which is way enough to make it stand out.

Ideally, I’d do this:

Edit: the same way, if you’re using 16px for your section base text, you can bump your titles from 28 to 32 (16 x 2)