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New to Webflow - Have question about Lottie

I have recently stumbled across Webflow through an online advert publicising Webflow and Lottie, this peeked my interest and I have viewed a few of the online videos at the Webflow Uni.

I’m curious about a few things but firstly I’m wondering if anyone here has experimented with Lottie animation and Webflow and knows if it is possible to create something more complex than just the university examples.

For instance is it possible to have a Lottie animation in the background? Is it possible to have an animation that starts at 0% goes to 100% on scroll but have it as a background, cloud something like this Soletanche Bachy be built with Lottie and Webflow? (Wait for the hero animation to load then scroll down to see the architectural background animation scroll.)

I’m also wondering what the process is for Lottie animation and responsive web design, do you have to build multiple animations for different screen sizes or do resize by themselves?