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Make a Lottie animation work as a background pls

like an svg. as I want an animated background. after effects and Lottie brilliant love it but I need a background option


Hi @tomlisle,

Lottie integration was just released yesterday. Im sure there will be some insight into this function in the future. But you can already kinda do this with interactions.

What kind of background element are you looking at? do you already have an animation in mind for this function?

Is there anyway to get a Lottie animation to fit WITHIN a specific section itself?

No overflow, and for it to fit within responsive boundaries?

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Definitely also looking for this, if anyone has some help or insight it’d be super appreciated! A Lottie animation as a background for a layer, or fullwidth overflow hidden, etc.

Yes, I have done it with my website.

I will link you.

Hmm, I’m selecting that link but it’s giving me an error when I do…

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Sorry -

@Lifestyledq Wondering if you can elaborate on how you were able to implement this? I’m trying to get a full bg lottie animation working and can’t seem to get it right.


Also struggling with this.