New section in "Styles" panel which allows users add all unfeatured CSS properties to a class

After seeing this post - Add "text-overflow: ellpisis" and "white-space: nowrap" :)

How about a section at the bottom of the “Styles” panel call “Others”. In it there would be the ability to add one of the many properties which isn’t listed in the “Styles” panel.

The user would simply select the property from a drop down menu - or they would type it and there would be an auto-fill (maybe the same as editing or adding a property in Chrome Developer Tools - F12 key). See image below.

What do people think? What does Webflow think? @PixelGeek


Woaw, I never thought about that… some sort of custom code at class level, easily done like adding a custom attribute to an element…

I like that a lot.

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This is awesome, but is this possible? Would be so cool to add these here instead of in the dashboard in custom code. But maybe the css would only run on published sites? idk. either way, starts a really cool conversation :slight_smile:

cc @callmevlad

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i don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. and i think it could function in the designer also - custom code placed in an embed runs in the designer so this could too.

yup, would be nice to see what other people’s thoughts are.

i think webflow might want to keep the designer as simple and clutter-free as possible - this feature might just add extra confusion / complexity which can be achieved by custom-code if necessary. i understand this point of view and webflow are the geniuses behind the whole product so they often times they know best…

maybe it could be an advanced feature which can be toggled on / off - kinda like the “advanced” sections in the “layout” and “typography” sections of the styles panel.