New publishing settings not working

Hi there, I’m having trouble getting a new site published, hope somebody can see where the issue is.

I’ve published quite a lot of Webflow sites, haven’t had a problem before, and reckon I know my way around adding A and CNAME records, but the last one was about 6 months ago and since then the interface has changed and there are new elements. I’ve added the new TXT one-time-verification record.

From the attached screenshot of the settings, you can see that I’ve added the domain name. I’ve updated the records at the domain name registrar end, but when I select the Verify Domain option, all I get is an ‘Unable to verify domain’ error message. I’m assuming that once the domain has been verified, I’ll be able to select a default domain and publish the site to the domain.

But it’s been 6 hours now and I’m still getting the error. I know propagation can take some time, but my experience is that generally it’s all kicked in by now.

Here’s the domain

Can anybody advise? Have I missed something? Is anybody else running into this as well?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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