Unverified domain / Not published

Hi, I have all DSN information added to IONOS. After waiting 3 days it’s still shows up as “Unverified domain”. I also connected with IONOS (where I purchased my domain) Customer Service team. There’s no issue shows in their end. Can I get any help on this? also attaching screen shots and my site Read-Only: Webflow - Portfolio

Did you use the txt method as shown in the screenshot? You just make a new record and plug in the “one-time-verification…” info. Then retest.

Thanks so much for your help! I followed your suggestion and was able to publish. However I got error message like attached screen shots.
Do you know what I can do to resolve it?

Click Make Default next to your www name, and republish.

Thanks so much for your comment. I did your suggestion but still getting the same error.

According to the error in your screenshot you haven’t created your CNAME record yet in the DNS. I’m seeing the same thing.

Do you think I need to create new record for the CNAME? or edit one of the existing CNAME?

I added the the CNAME and published the site again. However it still getting this error message. Could you please help what I can do?

Looks right now, you’ll need to wait for your DNS to propagate. Usually a few hours, 24 - 48 hours worldwide.

:+1: I appreciate your help so far.

FYI, seems to work fine now, you might have to clear your browser cache of redirects. Also, currently your site is password protected.