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New project published.

New project published. Hope you like it.


Congrats Greg ! Beautiful color combination, a great use of interactions and what i
think it’s really great is the social media colors on hover, big buttons on a stealth mode
until you mouseover. Thumbs up !

I don’t just like it… I LOVE IT ! great job :slight_smile:

Very clean site, great work! Content is really sharp and sweet. Great work!

Not sure if you were after feedback, but just in case the only really picky thing I can see is on the features page - the text in the blue “NEED HELP CHOOSING A PRICING PLAN” does not contrast well with the blue background behind it. Whilst many of us can read it, someone with vision impairments may not be able to, and it may make it easier for everyone to read if it contrasts more.

Also, again being incredibly picky, some paragraphs have full stops where as others don’t - just from a consistency perspective. Hope that this helps in doing some very 1% polishing to your amazing work - again, congrats on a great result!

Thanks, all feedback is appreciated.

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that’s a really great looking site!

I get this weird kind of stuttery-ghosting effect on the header when I scroll. I don’t know if that’s my machine or just webflow.

otherwise perfect!

It would be interesting to know what browser are you using?

Sharp looking site you have there.

Very professional looking.

I’m using Chrome, latest version

I think it was my device (2GB RAM, celeron processor). I got home and tried it on my 4GB, i3 Haswell machine and it looked fine.

My other machine was probably getting low on usable RAM or something.

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Nice design!
How have you done those box shadows under " Work Site Connects Features…"?
Can you share the trick?

well done, especially the big social media buttons.

Also nice to see some HD photos.

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Hi glad you like it. The Shadow effect is just an image.

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