New pricing and all

Ok, trying to get back into wen design and learn webflow further. I paid for the Pro package and 5$ hosting a few months back. Stopped the site since life called and now im returning. To my shock, 18$! What happened? Its went soo high. I was planning on charging 10$ per customer for hosting and keep the 5$ a month to do maintenance. Now it seems impossible and non profitable. Its like I have to pay now. But I would like to know what do you get for 18? Its confusing for me since it says 10 projects. Does it mean 18$ to host for 10 sites or is it going to be 18$ per site? Any clarity is appreciated since I am a complete begginer to web design and might just abandoned web building if its 18$ per site. Since theres other 3$ host service out there I just cant justify 18$ unless theres more room for profit.

Also… what will happen to my own site once my 1 year Proffesional account expires? I wont have no access to the editor to update my 12 page site? What will give me access to using the editor? If any.

Hi @cgmindd Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Just to get your caught up, we sent an email, on November, to everyone about the upcoming pricing changes that will happen on December. We also posted this on our social media channels and created a forum post:

Please read that post for a full explanation.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi pixelgeek, yeah I didnt keep up worth the news really. Do I get grandfathered or i loose everything once my account expires?

if you had a Micro, Personal, Pro or Team plan before the pricing change, then yes. You are already grandfathered in for the 50% discount on hosting subscriptions.

Im more confused. Can you look into my account info and break it down. I was on the 5$ a per month host plan. Its not active atm. I was planning on activating it again next month. If I do… what do I pay? I have a Pro account.

If you add-on a hosting subscription to your site, and you’re grandfathered in, you’ll see this message:

Ill send a email to your staff. Maybe its the deciding factor if I stay or move on. Just confused on what will it cost me if I get a customer next month. 16$ for their site build on webflow or 5$ like before. Or 16$ at 50% off. Again… ive been gone for like 6 months and all this is new. I never checked the emails.

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