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Creative Agency Website Made in Webflow by SVZ Design

Hello everyone,

Our team at SVZ Design recently finished a marketing website build for Whiteboard, a fantastic creative agency :slight_smile:

Check it out here:

Thanks for viewing!


Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt,

Very well executed, nice flow!

Just a small issue, there is vertical and horizontal scroll on the menu. Just letting you know, not a critic.

I need time to revamp our agency website to something as modern as yours, made it 2 years ago when I just started Webflow, my design sucks now. Weblow is so great that it keeps us busy with external work though.


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Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt,

Congrats, that’s a beautifully designed website with some slick touches. Love the text carousel at the base of the site and you’ve even got a video on the base of the ‘about’ page which is neat. Usually videos are put front and centre but that’s cool and understated.

One small thing I spotted which should be a quick fix, the first image you scroll to with the man holding the mobile phone with ‘Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta’ is very pixelated which is a shame.

Nice work!

All the best


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Supercool! Minimalistic although impactful enough.

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Really nice website! I love how clean and minimal you’ve kept it.

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Hi Scott! Would be kind enough to teach me to do that elegant menu interaction? I have tried it but it looks odd:

Plus, do you have two? One white and one black?

Thank you!

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Can you DM me? Happy to help :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @Meteorites super helpful and kind response!

Thanks @ColibriMedia I completely understand, once you get busy it’s hard to work on your own portfolio hah!