New Portfolio - Art Director & Graphic Designer - Just Released :)

Hey guys!

Take a look at my new portfolio site, it includes editorial, branding, web and film work I’ve done over the past two years.

Let me know what you think, your comments matter a lot to me!


Beautiful! Great job. :slight_smile:

It’s a really sophisticated portfolio and I think the work matches the layout perfectly!

And kudos on your beautiful work!

One thing I noticed what looks like a typo on the “info page” at the end of the sentence it states:
“… please use reach out.”

Other than that looks great!

Unreal! Absolutely stunning, great job. Love the type choice and general feel of the site. Personally this is my favourite style of web design: less focus on lots of animation and more emphasis on solid graphic design and layout.

Couple of (incredibly minor) points: on the home page the ‘change’ project image is showing a couple of pixels bigger than the grid on my screen, its a tiny detail but its easy to fix!(image attached)

Also, I think it’d be nice to have a site favicon (logo in the browser tab). You can upload them from the dashboard.

Awesome work.

p.s. your work is top draw and all!

@Aaron @jamiesamman992

Thanks for your comments guys! I’ve fixed those little details, thank you for pointing them out.

@PixelGeek thank you for the kind words.

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Flawless… Simple, to the point and it shows off your great work well.

@cpjackman Beautiful site Charlie! Pristine clean with a perfect editorial magazine feel to compliment the beautiful work. Great stuff!

@JoeMillion @vlogic Thank you guys for the nice comments, much appreciated.

Lovely site @cpjackman your work is beautiful :heart_eyes:

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Hi Charlie! Great job! Would you be willing to make this template for others to use? Thank you! Ed

@cpjackman - Would be great if you showcased this site!

@cpjackman Great work!

Very nicely done :slight_smile: great job