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New Personal Website Online

Hi everybody!
This is my first post here, and I would like to share my first webflow site.

It’s my personal website and portfolio. I would like to thank all the community because just reading the forum I’ve learn many things about webflow and I’ve solved many problems. I really love webflow and its community.

So thanks again, I hope you enjoy my website.


Great site! I love the layout, and the time you spent animating the menu/images. How long did the site take you over-all? Your art really drew me in (which is really, really good).

One thing I noticed is when I clicked on a menu item the load time is rather long (and I’m on the fastest connection in my area with a fast machine). Also clicking on different characters there is no way back to the previous menu, not that I could see anyways.

It would be cool to see some motion stuff of you actually doing the modeling process, I actually looked for that as a feature in your site :).

Great stuff dude.

Edit: Also I’d be surprised if this doesn’t make it as a Webflow featured site. It’s got some of the best uses of animation I’ve seen yet

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Amazing great work!

In “personal art” page there´s an effect in wich appears the text when you hover de images. I´m trying to to this but I don´t find it on this forum.

I´d be very grateful if you help me-

Thank you both!

@NewInBoston In the works pages, I’ll probably add a button to the next work and maybe to go back. There are some things that I haven’t done yet. Also in the about page there will be other 3 sections and some more animations.
Regarding the loading time: the loading pages are fake. At the beginning, I’ve set it to disappear when all the elements were loaded, but in some pages, like gallery, it was really too slow. So I’ve set the loading page to disappear after 2 seconds for the galleries and 1 second for all the other pages. I tried to avoid, as much as I can, the elements pop-up effect.

@geletelx You have to give an interaction at the image (in this case, a father link block containing the image and all the texts). In the interaction settings add an Hover Trigger and in it you must turn on “affect different element(s)” and select the element that you want to animate. Now you can set the interaction as you wish. So, when you’ll hover the element with the interaction (for example, the image), the selected element (for example, the text) will be animated.

Very cool indeed! @edercarfagnini - Do you use Sketchfab? You could maybe add some interactive 3D models of your work using the Sketchfab embed code - just an idea! Regards - Kai

Loving the ‘Skills’ section on the About Me page - very sexy… :grin:


Ahahahah Thank you @PixelGeek!

Thanks a lot @Keejo I haven’t used Sketchfab yet, but I’ve seen it and, absolutely, it is a tool that I would like to implement soon. I’m glad you like the skills section. I’ve tried to make the whole about page interactive and funny for the visitors.

Hi Eder, Its a pleasure! You’ve got a really unique style. Here’s a demo of Sketchfab embed on Webflow! - Sketchfab also has a really good community like Webflow. I highly recommend it! Even the big guns in the gaming industry use it now. All the best! Kai

Sketchfab is very cool! You can view the 3D models in wireframe and mat cap etc, add your own diffuse, normal, spec, etc. texture maps and also set up lighting and Annotations to guide viewers through the scene or around the model - and lots of other funky things! :slight_smile:

@edercarfagnini Your work is awesome. Very unique and professional style :raised_hands:

Now to your website: Welcome back skeuomorphism :grinning:

Usually I like clean design but in your case it fits perfectly. The interactions are also very nice!

Gooooooood jooooooob!! :+1:

Look very unique, bravo ! :clap::clap::clap:
(btw, your illustrations are awesome ! :open_mouth:)

Thank you guys!

@Keejo Thanks for the link! Sketchfab is really interesting. I hope I can use it on my website soon.

[quote=“MariusJurtz, post:11, topic:39375”]
Welcome back skeuomorphism
[/quote] @MariusJurtz Now I know how to call it! :joy: In a web designer forum I fell a bit ignorant… :sweat_smile:

@edercarfagnini - It’s a pleasure! If you set up a Sketchfab account, let me know! I wish you well and a life of painless and swift uv unwrapping… :slight_smile:

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@Keejo ahahaha, ok, I’ll pray the god of unwrapping for you too :wink:

Thanks @Ava! Honestly, I don’t know that template. I’ve only used wix and webflow and I can tell you I’ve really enjoyed webflow. It is more complex compared with tools like wix, for example, but it gives you far more satisfaction and freedom, in my opinion.

Wow… above and beyond. Great work @edercarfagnini

Thank you @seank! :blush: