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New Lead Captures Via Forms and HIPAA Compliance With Webflow

I was curious what others have done to ensure HIPAA Compliance with form submissions on Webflow for healthcare providers.

We are building websites for Dentists and I have seen others using Webflow’s platform/hosting utilize the native form widget for dentists’ websites but I am worried about the HIPAA implications.

Some say that if you are only capturing new leads you are not legally required to follow HIPAA regulations. Others say to use 3rd party forms that HTML embed into the site to remain compliant.

I would normally lean towards being more cautious but the 3rd party integrations frankly are awful for our use case. It has become increasingly difficult to track form submissions as conversions with our google ads and other “source/medium” tracking due to the HIPAA restrictions that 3rd party integrations present.

Does Webflow offer HIPAA compliance at the enterprise level, what are some workaround that you all have found?

Hey, have you decided on a 3rd party form that you’ve integrated with webflow?
I have the same question.

Hey there! I went with Jotform for a while but realized that with iFrames you can’t easily pass events and analytics data so we had to host the websites ourselves on a HIPAA complaint server. Hope this helps!

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