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Medical Forms - What is Best?

Hey all,

I have a dental client who wants me to put about 4-5 forms online for him. Ideally, he would like his clients to fill the forms out online. I see that Webflow is not Hippa compliant. Any advice on what is best?

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I’ve sent you a PM

Hey @CreateWithJoyChicago,

I can’t help you with that project, but thought I’d highlight a couple things for you just in case:

  • HIPAA is really about how you transfer and store data. You’ll want to check details of the regulation about that, but as Webflow is ISO 27018, the “how they store data” part could be ok. I’d be more worried about how data is transferred from Webflow to your client…

  • If your customer’s practice is handling data from EU citizens, you’ll also need to make sure that they are GDPR compliant. HIPAA is organization centric, but GDPR is citizen centric. So if they collect data from EU citizens (even tourists), they’ll need to make sure they comply to that.

Trying to comply with all the rules in the medical industry is always difficult, so I’d advise you get help from someone who knows the field well…

Good luck mate


Are you looking for advice on a form service that is Hippa compliant? Or would you like someone to add this in for you?

If you are looking for a freelancer to assist you, feel free to contact me. I would be glad to help.


we use active campaign for this, working amazing

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Thanks so much for the tip!

you can check my work here at Smile to Go this might be helpful