HIPAA Compliant Forms

Are Webflow forms HIPAA-compliant? I have an external form builder I can use, but I would like to make the form in webflow if possible.

I use FormStack for HIPAA compliant forms. - No affiliation, but I have settled on FormStack for all forms requiring Compliance, Calculations, Form Notification Routing, Conditional Logic, etc …

As I said, I have a form builder I can use. I was wondering if Webflow forms were HIPAA though. It would just make it simpler to make changes for me.

Okay …

As you may know, HIPAA Compliance is a series of steps the practitioner must take to unsure HIPAA Compliance regulations are adhered to and can pass an audit, therefore become certified. Online forms are just one very small part of what needs to be done to insure compliance and pass certification testing.

Is the question: Is Webflow HIPAA Certified and will they share their audit data.

Good luck …

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