New Interactive Project: Would Webflow be a good choice?

This would be my first client Webflow project and exploring if Webflow would be a proper tool (in addition to possibly Illustrator and After Effects).

The client essentially wants to have a single page that has a tool chest with say 7 drawers that would animate the drawer open when you click the drawer. As you progress through the drawers, there would like a slight background change that would cross fade with more water progressing from the back to the front (we are looking at a dry lake bed that slowly refills back in with each step clicked).

I’m imagining that the animated elements would be a couple of stages from the drawers from closed to open and a basic fade for the lake background using a z stack.

Each drawer would also reveal a small amount of content and a video.

Any insight that would confirm this is possible with Webflow and possibly how to start would be appreciated.

There’s no link to show. I do have sample illustrations attached.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Welcome to the community @cstaser :wave:

Since Webflow is just a tool to layout web elements I’d say it’s possible, but I’d say you’re better off looking into something like Rive rather than After Effects & Lottie as it allows you to build more complex interactive situations with their State Machine.

I’d recommend building a rough concept of the idea and playing around with Rive to see whether or not it’s something that makes sense given the specifics of the project and budget.

Good luck with the site build and please let us know how things come together or if you have any other questions!

Thanks so much @mikeyevin! I feel very welcomed! Your tip was super useful and I’ve started to dig into Rive. I can see from the one video I found how some javascript can be used in implementing an exported Rive file for web with interactivity. Looks like working with Rive and using some custom code with Webflow could do the trick.

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Another discovery—or reminder—is using Adobe Animate (the old Flash). I’d forgotten about it, but perhaps that makes the most sense. Any opinion on that with HTML5/JS?

Super glad that Rive + Webflow looks promising for the project! I signed up for the platform a while back (maybe during a beta?) but it caught my eye again recently and I was super impressed with what I saw.

Admittedly I haven’t messed around with Animate but it looks like it offers a lot of similar features — although I’m not seeing anything about controlling states (or cross-blending of different animations) and it requires a subscription. That said, I’m sure other folks around here would appreciate some opinions on that as an alternative given most of us probably pay for the Adobe suite.