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New Foxy e-commerce webshop

Hey there,

Im currently working on a new e-commerce webshop for a client. I’m still building some pages but wanted to share this project with you guys.

Visit link:

If you have feedback, feel free to share!


Perry Martens

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Looks good. Haven’t been around the entire site but check the home page hero image. It is way too big (file size and dimensions). Resize the image and optimise before uploading. This will cause the page to load much quicker.

Looks clean. Yes, be careful with size of hero image. It’s way to big.

Suggest to link the whole product cards in list view, so it would be possible to click at the product image, also, to get to the single view of product.



Looking great @studiofive! Thanks for sharing!


Hey there Philip,

Thanks for your feedback. I saw the file size there haha its way to big ! I was looking for a smaller size wich is on his way. Great feedback and thank you!

Have nice day!

Hey Harald,

Thanks for the info and your time to give some feedback. Could you explain this a big more? Whole products cards in list view?



Hey Josh,

Thanks, I’m glad that I choose for Foxy instead of Shopify. First thought where to use Shopify because of the ease in buy buttons. But I’m glad that I didn’t. You’ve guys made a very nice product !

Glad you went with Foxy as well! The thought of having to manage products both in Webflow and Shopify each time there’s a change or new product doesn’t sound ideal for you or your clients.