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New Product Variant Buttons - How?

Hey all! I love this new update of being able to style buttons for product variant selections, shown here.

However, I cannot figure how to do it lol. I’ve gone into the variants style element and can’t find the options, and I also looked in the product settings as well. Anyone try this out yet that can point me in the right direction to get started?

Such a fantastic update! Just want to use it now.

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Hi @mjcensullo

You’ll find this new option in the Option List settings, but in order to enable it, you’ll have to add a new Add to Cart element (existing Add to Cart elements won’t show it).


Please let me know if you have additional questions!

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This worked! I just needed to bring in the new add to cart element. Should add that to the blog post :smile:

Thank you very much Maciej!