LinkedIn Post Embed into CMS or vice versa?

Hello all! No link to share as my client has a question before beginning development.

Is it possible to automatically pull in LinkedIn posts into a CMS field? And if not, can you automatically send a Webflow CMS post to LinkedIn to post there?

I realize cross posting can be bad for SEO but the client is adamant about wanting this feature.


You might be able to set up a Zap to do this Connect your LinkedIn to Webflow integration in 2 minutes | Zapier

I wondered if that would work but was kind of unclear on how Zaps function exactly. I will look more into this.

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Zapier is surprisingly intuitive … or maybe just “clear” … once you dig in. But let us know how it goes!

Unfortunately looks like the existing Zap is only for form submissions, not CMS additions.

Not sure if its possible with webflow business level. The webflow site will need a dedicated form submission with image upload just to enable the action features of linkedin and webflow on zapier to “Create Post” and “Create Live CMS Item”.