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First Draft: New agency site for BAWLZ: Feedback appreciated

Hi everyone,

first iteration of an ongoing project. Features some fun ideas and is fully functional on all devices (apart from the legal site which doesn’t yet exist).
Unfortunately, fun ideas don’t necessarily make good design. So I’m gonna redo most of the thing, make it more purposeful and comprehensive.

But I figured before I kill all my babies, I let you guys take a look and give me your impressions.

I’m especially curious about things you immediately loved or hated. Well, If there was anything, of course :wink:

But whatever it is you have to say: shoot away, I really appreciate it :blush:

I think a general lesson in this Show & Tell category is: the less replies you have, the more people are either a) not liking the website and want to be polite so they don’t respond, or b) they just don’t get it.

I’m in the last category. You’ve created some interesting interactions, but i’m totally lost navigating my way around your content. Plus, the look & feel gives me a 13-year-old-kiddie-vibe, so I’m not bothered to read any of the serious stuff.

Does that work for you?


I would tend to agree with @Diu. The site feels a little scatterbrained and unfocused. There’s not much of a natural flow, so it’s confusing and I’m unsure of where to navigate to. De-cluttering the site would be a good direction to move in. There are definitely some cool interactions, but based on what you’ve got now, I wouldn’t stick around on your site long if I were a potential customer.


@diu @jordanshotwell

Yeah, I think you guys called that right on all accounts. Thanks for letting me know. I really needed some (any) external input here. really helpful.

The idea was to do something that stands out from to-go structures of current web design, but I got lost in the technicalities and it all turned into a playground :joy:
It’s actually the opposite of thoughtful and purposeful.

Anyway. I learned a lot of how to do certain things. Currently working twisting in all in solid concept for a more mature version. You’ll see it when its done.

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