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New client site in webflow!

Hey All,

I created a site from start to finish in less than 2 days including the logo and graphics. Wanted to show it off so I hope you guys like it!

Let me know if you guys have any advice on tweaks or anything to make it better.


Dave Finkelstein


super clean!!! GREAT JOB!!

just one thing. I would add a bit more imagery to the page. It feels very copy heavy. Either than that, beautiful work. =)

Yeah I know, that’s what the client wanted so I delivered. It was a flat rate and I worked fast so I’m not gonna put in any unnecessary work when he didn’t ask for it you know?

Thanks for the kind words,

I’ve noticed the image of him on the hero image moves around when resizing the window. The image is on the background of the container and I messed with the position to get it to where I wanted for each mediaquery. Is there a better way of doing it so that it doesn’t move around so much when resizing?


ah. now it makes sense. if the client doesn’t give you much to work with, you can only do so much. so, good job! =D

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