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New BUG in eCommerce

@WebDev_Brandon @dylang

Today i went in to my check out page. Then i got an error message wish is wrong and it was also sugestion to add s counttry box with the wrong country.

This is a new BUG

Made a new test buy today of SEK 3.0 did not show up in GA but in Facebook. STill problem with GA


Hi @JanneWassberg!

That message appears on any site that does not have the country selector in the billing address section of the checkout form. Prior to non-shippable products being added the country selector was retrieved from the shipping address. If non-shippable products are in the cart the country selector will need to be retrieved from the billing address. You can add the missing element from this dialog box and then style it within the checkout form.

To clarify, Facebook is now working, but you are still having issues with Google Analytics correct?

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@johnramos I have a country selector since before in both address boxes. Your message wants me to add a second country selector. On top of that , the new selector do not respect my Swedish setting and only show US as country It’s a. new bug I promise you. Why have 2 country selectors? In the delivery address one showing Sweden which I correct and the new one added byWebflow showing US

Correct FB sales are ok but GA sales stoped to show values. One order thing the GA eCom only shows product ther is nothing in rhe 2 other options

@johnramos let me know if you need a video. It’s really strange now

Hi @JanneWassberg a video would be great. I will be standing by to assist further.

@johnramos Hi here is a quick video.

As you can se WF asks me to add a missing field. As you can se i do have country field for both my address boxes. When letting Webflow add the field it end up with two country fields

Hi @JanneWassberg, in this case, you will want to remove the Sweden country selector that was pasted from the shipping section and add the billing country selector from the popup that appears. The Sweden country selector is bound to the shipping countries, but when entering billing information the user’s payment information does not have to be in the same country. This is specifically true for non-shippable products.

If the user’s billing address is the same as the shipping address they can check the box that says “Billing address same as shipping.”

Ok Will try, but my products requirements is shipment.
Will let you know how it works

Sounds good, thanks @JanneWassberg.

@johnramos ok, have have changed the country billing to the new one. It works fine and i have tested to do a buy on the site, no problem :ok_hand:

Nice, glad to hear it @JanneWassberg.

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