New Blog with CMS and Slider!

Just finished setting up my blog within the new CMS, incorporating a slider on the blog home page.

Thought some of you may wish to take a peek :smile: Just navigate to the blog from the Nav bar.


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Very nice! :slight_smile:
Few suggestions:

  1. highlight somehow current category on the blogposts list
  2. do you know you can design “empty state” for dynamic collection? :wink: So, for example, for typography category users would see not grey line with words “No items found” (where is related posts) but something in style of your syle with words something like “More posts coming, stay tuned…”

Thanks @sabanna!
In terms of your suggestions

  1. Yes, I agree, I missed that out.
  2. Great - no, I wasn’t aware of that and wondered how to deal with it so, thanks!
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