New Auto-Name Class Feature

New Auto-Name Class Feature

It seems… the Designer now allows you to have classes with the same name
but contain different values ?

For example… I have

sidebar-segment-wrap with 1% left and 1% right padding

and I also have

sidebar-segment-wrap with 10px left and 10px right padding

Same Name - Different Values

Is this the way it’s suppose to work ?

From my understanding of this feature, a class will only be given to new elements without a class. It shouldn’t affect existing classes and styles.

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Useful for when you fall on the stairs and suddenly have a brilliant idea and just want to draft everything real quick.

But of course the best practice is still to name it yourself and make sure there’s no problems with the code after exported (if you export the code)
I haven’t tried since the update, but I’ll see if not naming the classes won’t cause any trouble :slight_smile:

Even with the new feature… I’m still giving the classes dummy names.
In most cases - my dummy names at least gives a general sense of the purpose.

I encountered several issues last night…
where I was able to create 3 classes with the same name while having different property values.

This morning… (so far) I haven’t been able to replicate some of the issues I encountered last night…
so I’m not sure if exiting the Designer fixed the issues (which historically has “fixed” some issues)
or Webflow quietly release another fix… (which historically - they’ve done without telling us).

I’m sure some of it is just me getting use to to the changes…

  • but in the long run… I think I will just continue providing my own class names.

That way… I’m still the one making the decisions.

I’m not sure I like this (auto-class-name) feature…
because (in my opinion… regardless if you are creating a proto-type or developing a full site)…

  • you should be thinking ahead and planning things
  • instead of letting “the system” think for you.

Take the Red Pill.

First of all, I haven’t seen Matrix in years… so I can’t remember which pill does what :stuck_out_tongue:

Second, I don’t mind this feature as I can put a section, 2 divs, 3 images, and then change their sizes and all that, make sure everything looks neat and then give them names :slight_smile:

Before, I had to give them names before editing… and if I needed a different element, I had to delete and then “clear” the unused ones :stuck_out_tongue: = double the work

It depends on the person… I don’t mind, as it will save me time building something, but I still give it my own names after I’ve finish building my hero section (for example) ^^

TL;DR: It’s easier/useful when build something and only name it if you keep it in the end

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