Copy Class to New Name

Is there a feature I am missing ???

  • that allows you to copy a class to a new name.

Assume I have a class:Text1

When I copy class:Text1… the application duplicates the element with the same class of Text1.

If I wanted to change the name of the class… to say “Text2”…

  • it wipes out all my settings for the element.

And then I have to recreate the class for the new element…

  • which means it’s basically easier to simply create a new element.

This feature would be handy in renaming elements.

  1. click water droplets
  2. click wrench next to the classname you want to change
  3. be happy =)

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not quite happy yet :frowning:

but it was because I didn’t explain it properly.

I have a textbox element… with a class text1.

I duplicate the textbox.

The application creates a new element with the name class (style).

I wanted to rename the class (style) of the 2nd / new element.

If I change the class… everything for the 2nd element gets reset.


ah. yea. you can do that yet. BUT! what you can do is create a parent class that has the common styles. Then for each new element, give those the parent class name, then put a child class with its own custom styles =)

kinda stuck doing that way for now… hopefully webflow will add the option to copy class with new name.

Thanks :smile:


Wow, this option was well hidden. Took me ages to find. But you rock for making it that easy.

This would still be a very useful feature for creating varying versions of a design.

The parent class with child classes doesn’t quite work well without creating a lot of messy styles in the end.

An ideal workflow could look like this…

  1. Current homepage design is version #1 (want to keep it untouched)
  2. I make a duplicate of that page to make version #2 (now if I want to change colors, styles I have to give a child class based on my design version rather than semantic elements, adding ultimately useless style names that will have to be purged on export.)
  3. I “save-as” those styles from #1 but can freely explore new variations without affecting my version #1

This is something I’ve constantly struggled with in Webflow and wanted to revive this topic.

Here’s a simpler example.

If I could capture all the style elements of this button (nested, secondary, everything) and make a new, independent style (think flattened, rasterized layer in photoshop), that would allow me to pivot easier and try out new variations of a style without manually recreating all of those style factors to keep the style manager clean and semantic.

Flattening this and naming it anew would do wonders for productivity for the short and long term.

ADMIN EDIT: Excellent idea! Opened a wishlist item for this here:

  • Waldo

@PixelGeek Has this issue been made a development item? or has it/will it be reviewed internally again as it’s been year?
The word-around you offered doesn’t work when using interactions (at least not in the particular case I just built).
Copying styles would be helpful, and seems like a fairly trivial dev item.



I would love this feature also

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I would additionally love this