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Create subfolders within Webflow blog

Hi everyone,

Currently, my blog author and blog category pages have their own subfolders (i.e. “/blog-categories/category-page” and “/blog-authors/author-name”).

Is it possible to nest these CMS collections in the “/blog” subfolder instead? So ideally, I would like for the author pages to be named “/blog/authors/author-name” and for the category pages to be named “/blog/categories/category-name.”

Thank you!

Hi, @Joseph_H !

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create CMS Collection URLs like that.

Hi, @sabanna.
Is that something you will offer in the future? It is a blocker for even be concidered relevant for clients in my marked. To be honest I am surprised when reading this. If it isn‘t possible, can I buy an upgrade or tailor it somehow for this to be possible?

I have to new installs and one Business and one CMS subscription. I‘ve not been able to make this work with more than one (1) level in the URL hierarchy without getting a 404 on level one. So basically I only have managed to create a flat 1-level hierarchy for Posts and Pages, also when using Collections (CMS), where I can get two levels, but doing it like this end up with a 404 on level 1.

I might have misunderstood, though. Hopefully I do :slight_smile:

Wishing you both a wonderful weekend!