List inside list item (nested list)

Hi, I can not figure out how to create Nesting lists. There is a small mention in this article (image):

And found an example here (Matthews Bingham post):
and his Read-Only link:

But, how to move list inside list? Webflow does not allow this.

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Hi @bro-design,

You can nest lists into other lists by selecting a list item, then select a new list from the add panel:

Hope this helps :bowing_man:

If you hold your breath you can drag it too. Gotta be precise like a Shaolin monk.

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Thank you) Now I understand what the problem is. It is necessary that the element of the list be a brand new and not be edited. Then your method works fine. But if I try to add to the already edited, the result will be similar to the video recording by the link below))


@bro-design man I haven’t laughed so hard on this forum for a while :smiley:

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