Nested collection of reference object

I have a collection of movies and it has a multi-reference field with tags like, funny, family, romance. I have a second collection called movie times and it has a reference field to the movies collection.

I am trying to display a collection list of movie times and I want to show the tags of the referenced movie next to the movie time. Basically, I want a nested collection, but based off a multi-ref field on the referenced movie.

I think it’s not possible because it shows me all the fields of the referenced movie except the multi-ref tag field.

Any workarounds?

Without seeing it, sounds like a 3-level nesting of movie-times ⇒ movies ⇒ genre
Webflow only allows a single level of nesting, and only one nested list per page.

You can do a lot with Finsweet’s Nest solution, but it may slow down your site dramatically depending on how you set it up.

Otherwise the way to do what you’re describing is on the movie times template page. When you have already selected a movie time, then you can show all movies at that time, with a nested list of genres;

collection page - movie-times
  collection list - movies, filtered to the current movie time 
    nested collection list - genres, bound to the movie's genre multi-ref field 

Thank you for your answer and for all the help you provide to the community.

sounds like a 3-level nesting of movie-times ⇒ movies ⇒ genre
Webflow only allows a single level of nesting, and only one nested list per page

I think you are correct. Genre is a multi-ref field of movies and movies is a reference field of movie-times. So, movie-times and genres have two references between them and it seems you are saying that that is not supported. (My experience confirms this.)

Thanks for the Finsweet suggestion. I had high hopes for using FlowMonk syncing service to sync the genres from the movies to the movie-times via Airtable. I got close. I was able to create a Lookup field in the movie-times table that pulled the genres from the movie table. However, FlowMonk wouldn’t sync my lookup field back to the genre multi-ref field in the movie-times collection.

Finally, I can’t do what you’re saying with the movie-times template page because my movie-times collection list links directly to each referenced movie’s template page. So, the movie-times template page is not actually being used. Thanks for suggesting that option, though. Good to know that’s possible.

I’m still not sure what you’re trying to build, or what views you’re trying to create. It sounds like it might be a site for a movie theatre that only has one venue? I’m guessing you want to be able to show this week’s movies, sorted by time, with the movie info and genre tags.

If that’s what you’re trying to build, you won’t be able to access the full set of genre tags from Times, because in this arrangement (A) → (B) => (C), a collection list bound to (A) cannot nest a CL bound to (B)'s multi-ref.

However you might get a decent result by splitting it.

You understand correctly, but I will explain better for others. I thought the movies example was easier to understand but maybe it wasn’t. My real task is with an event directory.

I have an Events collection with a multi-ref to Genre. Then, I have an Event Days collection, for each day an event takes place, that references the Events.

I want to display the Event Days collection list sorted by date. This helps people plan their schedule. Then I have the Event Days collection linking to the referenced Event. It does not link to an Event Days Template Page because I want all days of the event to share one page. So, if an event occurs on Sat & Sun, it appears twice in the Event Days collection list and both link to the same page.

Within this design, I want to display the Genres of the Event on the Event Days collection. As you said, (A) → (B) => (C), where A is Event Days, B is Event and C is Genres.

Hopefully, that is clear now. Thanks for the tip about splitting. I had not considered that.