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Nest tabs in a tab pane

How would I go about setting up multiple levels of tab panes, where the tab link is nested in the pane?

I’ve also tried this with the Slider widget, as well as simple div links with #ID to navigate to another slider, though the section ID doesn’t change the slider, unfortunately.

Any other methods welcome!

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You can’t point to a slide with a link in webflow. There’s a possibility to do this with tabs however (search in the forum).

As per nesting, it’s as easy as… nesting them, I’m not sure I understant your issue?

Webflow doesn’t seem to allow tab links to be nested within a tab pane?

Hmm maybe we don’t talk about the same thing then?

I should explain a little more – the Tab Content needs to also act as a link to another tab.

Essentially I’m creating 2 levels of grids. Each div needs to link to a 2nd level. Only level 1 would be visible upon load, clicking any level 1 div would link to a 2nd level (all unique).

A slider would make more sense, but as you said, you can’t point to a slide with a link in webflow.

OK – I’ve got a little closer using this and then hiding the Tab Links element -

Is there a cleaner way of doing this? Linking to a Tab Link to display it’s Tab Contents - It seems clumsy - I’ll now need to add the same script for each of the 40 links on ‘level 1’. I would have thought linking to a Tabs Content would be as simple as linking to a page section.

Also is there anyway of removing the (hashtag) from Link Blocks when there’s no active link?

Hi @joshhopkins, using the Tab Widget, linking to tabs via the instruction from the other post is the only way to switch tabs at the moment.

It is a good idea for a feature update though to have a better way to link to tab content panes. Are you using the tab widget just so that you can hide and show the different level content easier without having to change pages ?

I mean, is the reason you want to use the tabs widget, to always keep the user on the same page while viewing the different levels? There may be different alternate methods to structure this.


Hey @cyberdave – yes I’d prefer to keep the user on the same page as it will be used in a booking widget. Initially I was hoping to create a hierarchy with MixItUp, but this might be too complex.

What else would you suggest? I suppose using interactions is an option.