Is there any way to link to tabs within tabs?

Is there any way to link to tabs within tabs? I have two levels of organization on a pricing page where you can first select which type of membership type you’d like, and subsequently choose the tab for different options in that membership type. I can link to specific tabs within the first type, which is the default for the page, but I cannot link to any of the tabs in the second membership type. Any ideas?


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Hello @cevanert,

you need some custom code to do that, this tutorial has the code that you need and the steps required What in Webflow 008 - Opening a Tab with a Link in Webflow - YouTube I hope it helps.

Hi @Pablo_Cortes. I’ve already inserted the code that allows me to chose a specific tab. But I can’t seem to choose a tab within a tab already open. There are two levels of tab here - first two tabs to choose between training and recovery services. And second to choose which of those related services. It looks like this -

1 - Training services

  • 1.1 - membership
  • 1.2 - small group training
  • 1.3 - personal training
  • 1.4 - shared training
  • 1.5 - pre post natal training

2 - Recovery services

  • 2.1 - membership
  • 2.2 - small group training
  • 2.3 - personal training

I am able to link to any of the specific tabs within the Training services category, which is the default tab, but I can’t link to any of the specific tabs within the Recovery services category. Is there a work around for this?


Hello @cevanert,

I understand your question better now. So the problem is that both of your tabs are on the same section, and the custom code references that section, so I don’t know of a way around it keeping the same code. Maybe you can put the main tabs on different sections? It is hard for me to test it out and try to help you further because I can’t test the custom code or publish with just the read only link. Good luck.

hmm…so that’s helpful actually. I think what I’ll try is to change the first level of tabs into two different pages. Then, instead of using tabs to distinguish the two, I’ll just create a secondary navbar that would essentially work as the tab. I’ll see if that works. Thanks for your help!

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