Master tab option with secondary buttons to switch the tab content box

Hi all,
Is there a way to have tabs like the top row in this screen grab but with each tab choice, you get secondary set of buttons (the colour boxes on the left) to change the content of that tab only?
In this mock up, it would show pictures of the part in different colours for that tab(material choice).

I’ve tried looking in Tabs and the help docs but cant find this particular situation. Any help or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated. Jay

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You can nest a tab element (with the colored buttons) inside of the tab content of another tab element.

Hi Vincent, thank you for the quick reply. I will give it a go now. I presume I would just need to make the contents of the nested tabs have a higher z-index to that of the main tab content to appear in the same main box?

Update: By combining @vincent’s advice and this tutorial (see link below), I managed to get everything I needed. Can’t help but be amazed at how good WF is, coming from an old DreamWeaver background. Thanks once again Vincent, nested tabs was definitely the way to go, make everything absolute within a container then position and style to suit the layout.

Happy Days! :slight_smile:

Hey you went from nesting TABLES to nesting TAB ELEMENTS :rofl:

There’s a million ways to make those elements work the way you want, great you found yours quickly :smiley:

Don’t forget you can supercharge those behaviors by using things like @Finsweet Attributes. Here, the Mirror Click Event could be useful to push the enveloppe.

Yup exactly that :joy:

Dude I’m relatively new to WF, only about 3 weeks in, just jumped into a big project and learning as I go. Still getting used to the tools available and what they do. If you have alternative ways to do it i’d be grateful if you mentioned one or two just to get me thinking in the right way but no probs if not. You’ve helped me loads.

Funnily enough, I bumped into Finsweet yesterday, I was checking to see if the load function could help me with the above but that was mainly for CMS at quick glance.

Will def check out Mirror click and see what that has to offer. :+1:

@vincent Is it possible to nest have more than one tab element inside the tab content? to create another section menu like the first?

Thinking out loud - Even if it is possible, I feel like this is the wrong way to do it though… Inside the first tab content I basically want 3 menus that use clickable icons that display an image

It’s not limited. Just nest things.

And for your other question: stick with Webflow, your search ends here.
Almost 9 years in, left everything behind. Focus on that new market, it’s huge! And growing.