$$ Need workaround for CMS collection list constraints

Hello all,

In my website I have my project content in a css grid as a list. (no collection list)

I did not use a collection list because 1.Not all my projects are in my CMS, 2. i want more customization, but I also want to still be able to link to my other projects in the CMS

I cannot embed custom code in each collection list item?!?.

I tried styling using nth-child in each collection list item, also didnt work

within each grid item there is customcode to load different iframe content depending on the breakpoint.

My goals are: Load my custom code in each grid item like it is now AND be able to link to CMS content and other content not in the CMS by either finding a workaround to style a collection list or find a way to link to CMS content from my normal css grid.

Need to get unblocked with this ASAP.

Here is my website : Webflow - portfolio with transition (working) MAIN DEV

@NKL Hi Nick, do you have timeframe and budget for this project?

Timeframe is 2-3 days max, budget is flexible. I just need this one feature/interaction working. Open to quotes and thoughts.

I’m afraid you can’t get around using a collection list unless you’re working within a CMS collection page.

Are you trying to embed custom code for every collection item? If so you could try hosting each script elsewhere (or upload the JS code within a .txt file in your Webflow assets (Like @webdev talks about here)), then load it within the embed component by linking to it from a collection item using custom collection fields.

This is all done within a collection list btw ^.

@NKL Do you have an email to discuss further?

This is how I’d try it.

Let me know if this is what you wanted to achieve. I hope it helps.