Linking a CSS grid items to CMS project page/ Dynamic content?

Hello All,

I’m building a personal website with my projects in a CSS grid. Within each grid element there is a div with an embed to the left side that that has an iFrame with custom code that will load a different 3D object depending on the breakpoint. Some of my projects are already in My CMS while others are not.

I just want to link correctly and have my iframes work as they are working now.

I’m not currently using a collection list.

my questions top of mind are

  1. Can I link/Load up a CMS page not from a collection list ?


Style collection list and embed custom code in each collection list ITEM? and have them act as they are now?

Can I have some links link to CMS content while others dont in the same list?

I would really love any help I can get as this is a big blocker for me.

my read only link: