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Need wordpress site converted to webflow

Hi There,

I have a website I created for a client a little while ago using wordpress and creating a totally bespoke theme. The issue is, the client doesn’t want to update the site themselves and it’s not a very big site so I want to get it converted to webflow (non-cms). I am a webflow developer myself I just really don’t have the time to do this at the moment but will be keeping the site updated through webflow once everything is live.

If anyone is interested could you PM me and we can discuss further. I’m really just looking for a good price and a quick turn around.


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Hi Jalvin!

My name is Scott Van Zandt. I am the founder of SVZ Design. We are a 3 person Webflow Design team.

We work with all of our clients virtually and are based out of Minneapolis, MN.

Our expedited cost effective approach to digital solutions is just what you need!

Give me an email so we can discuss the following and get your project moving.

  • Budget
  • Project (Deliverables)
  • Timeline

  • Scott