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Looking for Webflow Expert to take on Web Design Projects

Hello there!

My name is Scott Van Zandt.
I am the founder of SVZ Design a small digital agency that is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
We specialize in Webflow and have a growing client base.

We work with a small team of freelancers worldwide and complete projects mainly inside of the U.S

I am currently looking for talented Webflow Experts that would be able to take on complete web design projects for medium-sized businesses on preferably a flat rate basis.
You would be provided with all design recommendations/content/sitemap/strategy from us/ (as well as anything else you need).

We would allow you to have complete creative freedom.

If you are interested or available for this type of work please feel free to send me a message or email.


Thank you all for your time!

  • Scott Van Zandt
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Hey Scott, just sent you a message!

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Sent you a message Scott.

Looking forward to the partnership.

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