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Looking for someone to move webflow to shopify


I’m designing an Ecommerce site for my business in webflow and utilizing shopify for listing the products and handling payments. I’m not a fan of the shopify “buy button”, and would like to move everything over to shopify but I still like designing in webflow. My goal is to keep designing in webflow but just “export” it to shopify.

I need someone who can move my site over to shopify and instruct me and my team how best to handle the export/import process for future updates to the site.


I can integrate your website with web flow cms and use dynamic embeded elements to embed Shopify products on your website. You would be able to update products by simply copy and pasting embedded code and clicking a few buttons in your CMS. I think this would be the best solution. Webflow just released this embedded block feature in their latest CMS update.

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  • Scott Van Zandt