Need to remove the Navigation and body spacing

I am trying to remove the Navigation and body spacing as highlighted in screenshot below

Here is the share only link

You want the nav to sit on the div?

I want to remove the Nav spacing

ok I will take a look. I like how the nav bar reappears… is that a complex interaction to create?

That is done by the template owner. :smiley:

Hello @hannyatech

First of all, you always can contact template author for support.

For delete navigation you can delete this symbols

For remove space it will be not so easy, since there is pretty complicated slider.

  1. This setting will move block up

  2. this setting will move slides up

Lower these pixels. Keep in mind you may have to adjust your other page elements accordingly after you move this element up.

Thanks i will contact the template owner from now on

lol sorry @sabanna,

I didn’t’ see you already answered this. Do you know how to create the nav like in this template? The nav appears as the page scrolls?

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It is interaction on scroll , which connected to huge slider. When it goes out of view Fixed slider appear on the screen.

ah ok… is there a tutorial for this somewhere that you know of?

Sure :smiley:

You can find videotutorial here

Yet, @StevenP made very helpful manual here (scroll page till “Nav – Nav sticks on top on scroll”).

hi @seank,

Also, you can look at the demo kit site for a sample:

Page: Slide Navigation on Scroll

Thank you! @cyberdave @sabanna


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