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How to adjust element width

I’m working off the free template, “Incredible”. There is a left nav bar set to 329 pixels, and the remainder of the page width consists of a section set to auto.

I wanted to reduce the left nav bar to 288 pixels, and I expected the remainder of the page width to fill in the space, since it was set to auto. But it does not. It stays at the size it was originally.

What do I need to adjust to close the gap?


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Try to use percentages or even better use VH/VW. This way the site is supported on all monitors and it fills the space.

The template was set up with the left portion of the page set to 329 pixels and the right portion set to auto. If I change the left portion to 288 pixels, how do I adjust the right portion to fill the space?

Could you please share a Public Share Link, it would make things a lot less complicated. Thanks! :grinning:

Yes; I am sorry for not including originally.

I found the issue, in the Body section they have it padded the amount of pixels the Navbar is. Here is a screenshot of what to change.

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Does this help? Were you able to solve the problem?:grinning:

Yes! You are wonderful. At first I was confused because there was no existing Body selector. So you created “Body (All Pages)” – correct?

I did not realize padding or other modifications could be added to an element without first creating a selector. But evidently they can be!

Thank you so much !!

Sure thing, :grinning: Be sure to mark the post as a solution so as to let the rest of the Webflow Forum Community know that we have found a solution. :yum:

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Have done as you suggested; again, thank you immensely.

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Glad to help. :yum::grinning:

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