Need some help with Modal Pop-Up in I2.0

So my question is simple I know but am stumped and am really just now starting to understand interactions so bare with me as am new to this stuff. I was able to follow the Modal pop up interaction tut

The problem with this is that it is in legacy and I want to do it in 2.0 but there seems to be no vid or page like this one to show step by step what to do. I learn this way and love that there is so much help on webflow. Is there a tut to follow or is someone able to take the read only and make a fast vid showing me this?

Here is live:

UPDATE: have it working perfectly now with help from Stu :slight_smile:
take a look at the published page above to see it working the button is on the contact section. am getting back to laying out a few more things now that I have this under my belt. Thank you everyone for being so helpful. Any feedback about the page so far please feel free to let me know what you think.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Nathan_Kickbush

I haven’t got time right now, but will take a look later if you’ve not received responses…

I was going to suggest taking a look at this example too btw: - that’s in IX2 :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you think I have it working when ya get a chance let me know if I am doing it right, if that’s cool. :slight_smile:
I will look at the site you showed and see if I am doing it right and make changes thanks for the help.


Hi @Nathan_Kickbush

Just remember to give your modal an initial state, in this case display:none and opacity:0% on clicking the button it loads up, just the reverse the interaction on the close button.


Hope that helps!