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Make a popup when I click

Hi everyone

I watch the web flow popup tutorial(, just what I need, so I try to use it, but I can’t find interaction panel, so I check on the forum here, people said move to right next to symbol? but my symbol is right next to my add page, so the only thing I can find is right top corner “interaction” part.
But the setting is different than the tutorial, have any newly updated tutorial I can follow, please.

Thank you guys so much!


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Yeah some of those videos were a while back. It’s on the right side:

Just toggle the Legacy IX1, Interactions 1.0. For IX2, Interactions 2.0, click the lightning bolt.
Once you click the bolt, you need to click an element in the designer to activate.

@Aaron also created this tutorial using IX2 just a couple of weeks ago, on the Webflow blog:

Thank for the response!

Do you have the video version of the tutorial? I try to follow it, but kind of confuse. Thanks!

No, it’s just the instructions on the Webflow blog as far as I know - no video.

If you are stuck on a specific point, maybe drop @aaron a line with your share/preview link - he might have time to take a look. I’ve not tried following the tutorial yet, but others in the forum might be able to help too…

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