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Need some guide/advise for SaaS -It would be a great help

Hello Everyone!
I’m new to webflow and I already learnt some basics of webflow as earlier I’ve done some project on other no-code before.
I’m making an web app(responsive mobile) in which including some main features like already in UBER,Community,B2B market place
I know this is pretty hard to make all these but Are these features is mainly possible or not in webflow?? mean Is there possibility of implementing??

Some of main features like-:
2.Creating custom repeating group
3.Push notification(One plus)
4.Firestore Db

It would be a great help if someone advise for the same.
I’ll really appreciate
Thanks :grin:

In summarizing Webflow I would call it a website builder not an app builder. Much of what you mention is not available here. More research is probably in your future.