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Advice on Ecommerce site - Advanced issues?

Hi all,

New to the webflow forum! Sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong place etc, still learning! I am in the process of my first ecommerce design and build! How exciting as well as nerve racking… especially as im doing this all alone.

My client is selling food produce here in the UK. Customers purchase the items on the website and select a delivery time etc - think Farmdrop, Ocado etc just a small independant farm version.

They’ve requested me to look into specific features that I already know are a bit ambitious at the current stages of webflow. Alas I still need to provide options/ definitive yes and no’s.

The features they’ve requested include:

  • Delivery Calendar both on Nav menu & in checkout

  • Member area with - past orders, autofill details (delivery & payment etc), re-order functionality

  • A coupon payment system (-.-) - essentially they want customers to buy coupons and then use coupons to pay for the goods. Even though im asking if its possible, im trying to pursuade them otherwise with this feature as there’s no need for this added complexity.

I’ve been doing some digging and am aware of platforms like Foxy, memberstack, calendly and zapier etc but as im new to this, im struggling to understand if any of these can of use to me and what their capabilities are as i’ve not found a relevant case study!

Any advice/guidance would be highly appreciated, I really want to use webflow for this project as I can really flex :muscle: with the design layout.

Sorry about the essay post!


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Hey Jahren, welcome to Webflow! You’ll love the platform and the community!

The requested features are all possible (just like everything else that is related to technology. It’s only a matter of how complex and how much work they will require). Since Webflow doesn’t natively support that, they can definitely be done by making use of third-parties and even a custom server. If you’re not familiar with programming, you would need someone that knows how to work with JavaScript and integrate everything with your website.

This is actually the great part of Webflow. It doesn’t lock you with its features: It’s humble enough to allow you to make use of custom embeds/code so you can always achieve your ultimate goal, even if they don’t have a certain feature.

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Hi @SY_Jahren.
Josh from Foxy here. I’d love the opportunity to discuss your needs in more detail to determine if Foxy + Webflow will be a good fit. Feel free to message us and we can setup a call or discuss further via email/messaging. ( More info can be found here:


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Thanks for getting back to me Jean.

This is great news. Not sure if this is a silly question or not, but I was wondering should I be looking for someone that specifically understands webflow’s platform, I have many developer friends but I know they dont use Webflow. Will it make life complicated asking them to approach this or am I better finding some who has done things like this with webflow before?


Hey Jahren,

The advantage of having someone from Webflow is that they have some degree with experience with the platform. However, I wouldn’t consider this a great advantage at the end. For me, as a developer, getting to understand Webflow code-related stuff was a very easy thing to do.

If you feel more comfortable working with your friends, they should be able to achieve everything they might need. If that doesn’t work, feel free to get in touch with me so we can work together. You also have the specific forum area to post job positions if you want to do so:

Have a great day

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