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Need Some Clarity; Nervous About Going Live

Hi all,
I’m posting this under CMS Help, because there’s no “I’m Getting Panicky” category. :slightly_smiling:

A bit of background and then a couple of questions…
I’ve redesigned my company’s website and had it in the subdomain through assembly and review. We are going to have Webflow host our site and point our domain name to when that is completed by IT.

Our communications director will be using the CMS editor to make changes to content, and if necessary, I can make changes through the design panel.

My questions:

  • Once we have the site hosted on Webflow and our company’s domain name pointing to the live site, will I still have the option to publish to subdomain as a staging area before it goes to the live site?

  • Will the communications director also have the ability to publish to the subdomain first as well? Because right now, when I view our site from the on-page editor, it looks like there’s only one publish option. Is that because I haven’t completed setup of the live site yet?

  • Additionally, if I open a page that’s being assembled dynamically using info from a collection, and I change the information on that page, does it “backfill” the information in the collection? In my test, it didn’t seem to. So is it a good practice to make changes in the collection area, rather than on the actual page? Or did I do something wrong?

Thanks for your help all. It’s scary that the first published site I’ve done is our corporate site!! I should have created some dinky site to do some testing, but it’s the eleventh hour now, and I need some reassurance. :slightly_smiling:


You will have the option to publish to the webflow sub-domain (or a sub-domain of your domain) . However, I don’t believe your Communications Director will be able to change the destination of published changes within the editor.

If your Communications Director makes changes to dynamic content on the actual page within the editor view it will make the change to the collection item. You, however, aren’t able to view that page within the designer view… you can just view/edit the page template and edit collection items directly.

Thanks for the quick response! I feel better now. :slight_smile: