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Need ongoing JS and CSS resource(s) to extend Webflow capabilities

Anyone have a recommendation on where to go for some coding help to extend the capabilities of Webflow?

I’ve exhausted my own network, but we’ve built some really fun things like

Let me know! Thanks a million, Webflow fam. :tada:

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I work with Ettrics where our team has quite a bit of experience building custom solutions like these for Webflow sites. If you need an ongoing partner we can likely help so feel free to reach out.

I’ve found that extending Webflow site functionality beyond that which Webflow supports natively is a very niche area. My guess is that the majority of Webflow devs come from a more design orientated background than from a “real” coding one. In general, there seems to be a lack of developers who understand “real” coding and Webflow. There are lots of people who understand one or the other, but not both. That’s my impression anyway.

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