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Advanced Tutorials

It doesn’t take long on a mid-sized project to reach what seems to be the limits of what Webflow does but I suspect a lot of feature requests could be handled today via custom code or API wizardry. I also suspect a lot of Webflow users, myself included (so this may be confirmation bias), lean more towards the design end of the spectrum than the developer end.

Please put out some advanced tutorials that show us how we can extend Webflow in ways that make it more useful to more clients. Your dev teams, which are probably your most limited resource, don’t even have to build new functionality for this request. Just show us how to really leverage what they’ve already given us.

Can we use API calls within custom code blocks without having to install NPM and a bunch of other stuff via command line and writing code locally that is hosted elsewhere? I literally don’t know where to start with this stuff.

I can use collection fields in custom code. That was a lifesaver today but it has me wondering how else custom code could interact with collections and built-in Webflow components.

I’m building a resource center for a client with a bunch of different types of content (video, blogs, events, downloadable PDFs). Each content type needs it’s own page design and the resource center needs filtering. I’ve come up with a hack-y way to do it—I think—but maybe there’s a better way to do it via custom code or API wizardry?