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Needing Webflow CSS / Javascript Ninja

Hello all Webflowers
I’m looking to find someone who really knows there way around Webflow & tweaking things under the hood.

I’m not a coder, but a designer, so I’m currently looking for is someone who can …

  1. Jump into a Webflow project and look at a flat .png of the site along with some descriptions on how select objects (images / text) have to behave (interactions)
    My documentation will be clean, easy to follow. I can actually use inVision app for this so its crystal clear.

  2. Clean up where my brain didn’t properly code based on master website UI flat graphic of each page.

The majority is small alignment issues & maybe helping with Tablet & Phone view.

Please DM me any type of link to who you are / portfolio / resume / Webflow projects done and what your hourly rate is & availability. I’m looking for someone with good English skills to help speed up work sprints.

I’m looking for a Webflow CSS Ninja to partner up with which will hopefully lead to more work on your end. Starting off with a few hours a week or two to as much as we / you can handle. Not that it matters, but I’m out of Toronto, Canada area.

p.s I’d even be up for hiring you for some tutorials / or best practices on how best to name classes and maybe you can mentor me on (paid of course) on what I’m missing or what would make project workflow smoother on my front end phase.