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Need JS wizard for dynamic image & download link changer

I have a total of 16 different image previews of 16 related download links that I want my visitors to select themselves using on/off toggles on my landing page.

A long time ago, I received help setting up a similar execution on my old site using the jQuery plugin iCheck. Go to the bottom of the page linked below for a preview of it in action.

Today I’m trying to create a simpler solution with better UI and slightly fewer choices, resulting in just four options that can be turned off/on, with the resulting preview image and download link changing.

I tried my best at implementing it myself, but design - not code - is my strength. So I am looking for someone to help me get this across the finish line, either based on my work done so far or with with an easier solution if one comes to mind.

You can check out a Webflow Designer view of my current progress here.

If you think you can solve the challenge, please drop a high level description of how you think about solving it and include your email. I’ll reach out to discuss timing and price.

Please note that I am looking to complete this within a week.

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I can help with your requirement,

Kindly reach me at luis@cisinlabs,com or skype me at live: luis_`18439.

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@jwb I think you’d need to target each one of your four checkboxes with a click listener. On click, the snipet would then look at the data-url of your checkbox and update the href of your download link + inject the coresponding image into your image preview. All of it can be done with pure vanilla JavaScript and proper conditional logic. As for the checkbox style, they can be customized with css or entirely rebuild with a webflow custom code component.

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Hi Jacob,
If you are still looking out for some help, I would be happy to help as this is well within my area of expertise.
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I’ve found the help I was looking for. Thank you everyone for your fast responses and helpful comments.