Needed: Javascript freelancer to help with conditional logic ++ on forms


We’re looking for an experienced developer to help us enhance forms on Webflow with custom Javascript. Here’s a quick (and superficial) overview of what we are looking for help with:

  1. Conditional logic for form questions: Show different answers based on users answers/selections
  2. Change image based on selection: As user makes different selection, update an image in another div based on user selections.
  3. Total sum: As users make selections in the form, some items will have prices. We would like to tally (add together) their total.
  4. Send form submission copy to user’s email and create a custom link to their form with pre-filled answers using URL query string.

Please contact me at and provide the following:

  • A rough estimate for work
  • Time estimate
  • Examples of previous work/portfolio

hello Eric,


i would like to help.
sending you email.